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Hind Electric Works
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  • Electrical Contractors: Industrial, Commercial, Residential
  • Electrical Consultants company/ Electrical Solutions
  • Maintainence: Office, Industrial, Residential, Societies, Shops etc
  • Load Balancing
  • Power Backups
  • Consultancy. ask us!

Welcome to the website of Hind Electric Works! One of the leading ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS IN DELHI, INDIA. Also providing Electrical Services, Electric works, Electrical turn key projects, engineering, Electrical consultants services providers in New Delhi, India.

Established in 1964 Hind Electric Works has grown from its roots to one of the leading Electrical contractors/ solution and service providers in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Diligently providing various ON-TIME electrical solutions, services and consultancy including maintenence, Load Balancing, Power Backups etc, Hind Electric Works Company has earned the faith and goodwill of its various clients with its expertise and perseverance over the past many years and going on...


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