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  1. BharatAlu.com Ltd.
  2. NationalAlu.com Ltd.
  3. Hindustan Copper Ltd.
  4. State Trading Corp.- Janpath, CP
  5. Tata IBM- ITO
  6. Indian Express (Newspaper)
  7. The Tribune (Dayal Singh Library)
  8. The Tribune (Noida)
  9. ICICI Bank- GK1
  10. ICICI Bank- Green Park
  11. ICICI Bank- Shanti Niketan
  12. ICICI Bank- Narayana Vihar
  13. ICICI Bank- Gurgaon Sector 14
  14. ICICI Bank- Faridabad Sect 15
  15. ICICI Bank- Noida Sect 18
  16. ICICI Bank- NTPC Colony
  17. ICICI Bank- Karol Bagh
  18. ING Vyasa Bank ATM
  19. MT Mohali Builders Projects
  20. ING Vyasa Bank Vasant Vihar No.2 Poorvi Marg
  21. ING Vyasa Bank G.Floor Barakhamba Road, CP
  22. ING Vyasa Bank F.Floor Naryan Manzil, CP
  23. Greenply Office 15th Floor Naryan Manzil, CP
  24. Invista 17th Floor Naryan Manzil, CP
  25. Italiyan Bank 15th Floor Naryan Manzil, CP
  26. India Today Library
  27. India Today Office, CP
  28. India Today Art Galary, CP
  29. Bajaj Hindustan Office Ground and First Floor, Noida
  30. Bajaj Hindustan Cafetaria, Noida
  31. Birla's Residence No. 29 Prithviraj Road
  32. Birla's Residence No. 32 Amrita Shrgil Marg
  33. OCM
  34. Ajex Business
  35. M/s Sandeep Uppal/ Geeta Uppal and Associate Office
  36. Centurian Bank Nehru Place
  37. HSBC Bank Khan Mkt
  38. Shara Tyre Showroom South Ex
  39. Dhirsons Jewellers Showroom GK1
  40. Gherji Estren -----
  41. ONG Videsh Ltd Kailash Building
    and more ...

About Us
Hind Electrical Works is one of the leading ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS & CONTRACTORS IN DELHI, INDIA since 1964. Providing various Electrical Services and Electric solutions to its clients with maximum satisfactiion for decades. It has taken up various Electrical Turn Key Projects and provided on time Electrical engineering Services and Electrical consultancy services to its various clients including banks, real estate companies, builders and others backed with reliability.

Client satisfaction & feedback
At H.E.W, we are constantly working to improve our quality of service to our customers and want to hear feedback from our stakeholders/ builders. In order to maintain our continuing high standards we issue a customer satisfaction report on all completed rojects that our customers may complete and return. This way we constantly monitor the quality of workmanship through to the quality of management.

We have recently implemented a web-based survey solution that enables clients to easily submit their insights, performance score and feedback. H.E.W Electrical Contractors (India) recognizes the need to operate the business in a manner that reflects good environmental management. The Company is aware of the environmental impacts of its operations and will balance its aims with the need to protect both the local and global environment. The Company is committed to providing the necessary financial and personnel resources to fulfill the Company environmental policy.

  • The Manager with responsibility for Safety is personally accountable for the environmental performance of the Company and the Partners sign this policy in acknowledgement of this overall duty.
  • The Company is committed to preventing pollution, to minimizing its environmental impacts and to developing a culture of continual environmental improvement by establishing clear set environmental objectives and targets within the framework of an environmental management system properties.
  • The Company seeks to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and where practicable, will strive to achieve environmental performance, which are better than legal minimum.
  • The Company will develop environmental performance evaluation procedures and will periodically review its environmental performance. Furthermore the Company will incorporate environmental factors into business decisions.
  • The Company is committed to utilizing environmental opportunities by active resource management (materials, fuel and energy) and waste minimization to its home or commercial property usage.
  • The Company will endeavor to use sustainable materials and products that are reusable or can be recycled. Where necessary it will ensure that all waste, particularly hazardous waste such as contaminated spoil, are tested, transported and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner, in accordance with statutory duty of care requirements.
  • During construction activities the Company will take action to minimize noise levels, traffic nuisance, emission of pollutants and disturbance to the public and local ecosystems.
  • The Company will minimize the risks of environmental accidents through the adoptions of appropriate risk management procedures. In conjunction with appropriate authorities it will establish emergency response procedures to deal with accidental pollution.



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